Coastal farm to plate !



Hot Oat Meal with toast and accompanied with homemade marmalade • 175

  • Classic
  • Green Apple and Cinnamon


Seasonal fresh fruit salad with granola, yogurt or cottage cheese, honey and toast •175

Any style eggs two eggs, fried, scrambled or poached, accompanied with beans, toast and potatoes. •230

Mexican classic huevos divorciados, Divorced eggs, two fried eggs mounted on corn tortilla and ham, each one egg with different spicy Mexican sauces, green and red, accompanied with fried beans and potatoes sides. •260

Benedict Eggs on top of an English muffin, bacon and hollandaise sauce. •280

Classic Omelet Ham and cheese. •270

Omelet La Mision stuffed with cheese, spinach, bacon roasted tomato and a touch of rosemary, and finished with a three-cheese sauce on top. •300

White Omelet Eggs white omelet with regional fresh cheese, mushrooms, caramelized onion and basil. •270

Mexican Veggie Omelet Stuffed with Mexican vegetables: Poblano pepper, tomato and onion, with regional fresh cheese topped with a green or red sauce. •270

Meat lover Omelet Stuffed with bacon, ham and Arrachera (flank steak) and cheese. •330

Todos Santos Omelet Stuffed with regional fresh cheese and machaca (locally made dried beef), tomato and onion and a touch of thyme. •290

Sandwich breakfast Two fried or scrambled eggs, bacon, spinach and avocado with a three-cheese sauce on multigrain toast and side potatoes •270

Chilaquiles delicious tortilla chips with our red or green house sauce, cheese and red onion topped. •230


  • Egg •240
  • Chicken •250
  • Arrachera •260


Pan cakes with fresh fruit and bacon •240

French Toast with sugar, cinnamon dusting and fresh fruit. •210



Full breakfast, include coffee, tea or fresh juice



Mexican style eggs: chile, tomato and onion

Chilaquiles, red or green

Fried beans topped with regional torched cheese

Corn or flour quesadilla

Green salad or seasonal fresh fruit



Two fried or scrambled eggs

Ham and bacon



Fresh seasonal fruit



200g Flank Steak (Arrachera)

2 Fried eggs with hollandaise sauce


English muffin

Potatoes and asparagus




House salad mixed organic lettuce with season vegetables, cherry tomatoes,

goat cheese and walnut, with a cilantro dressing. •240

Spinach Salad spinach leaves, olives, apple, almond, avocado with mango dressing. •220

Grilled vegetables salad eggplant, carrot, peppers, zucchini, onions and chicken

with chipotle dressing. •280

Sautéed vegetables Sandwich season vegetables, mixed lettuce, tomato and

cream cheese •240

Grilled chicken breast sandwich with mixed lettuce tomato, onion, melted cheese, and chipotle dressing. •330

Hamburger Misiones perfect seasoned lean ground beef with mixed lettuce, tomato, pickles, bacon, melted cheese finished with our special herbs dresser and french fries. •330

Cerritos Hamburger sea of Cortez shrimp and bacon medallion with mixed lettuce, tomato, grilled sweet pepper and onion, melted cheese finished with our special coriander dresser and french fries. •390

Portobello Mushroom delicious grilled Portobello mushroom with mixed lettuce,

tomato eggplant, peppers, all with herbs vinaigrette and house salad. •290

Fajitas chicken or beef fajitas with green and red peppers, onion and guacamole. •390

Shrimp •390


Classic quesadillas with chicken •240

With arrachera or shrimp •280

Tacos Acompanied with Mexican salsas, guacamole, beans and a jalapeño pepper toreado

Grilled catch of the day fish •240

Grilled chicken chipotle •240

Arrachera (Flank steak) •280

Grilled shrimp •280




Guacamole and totopos (corn tortilla chips) •180

Salsa mexicana (spicy) and totopos •120

Fried potato wedges with a side of cheddar cheese •130

Ceviche Fresh seafood from the sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean, with tomato, onion, coriander, carrot, sesame oil and lime. Accompanied with totopos (corn tortilla chips).   

          Catch of the day fish •320

          Shrimp •360

          Special: Catch of the day, shrimp and octopus with a touch of rosemary •410


Mexican Nachos tortilla chips with cheddar, mozzarella cheese and refried beans topped with guacamole, flank steak or chicken •320




Al ajillo Shrimp fresh shrimp with garlic, chile guajillo finished with cheese cream on top and accompanied with roasted vegetables and green salad. •480

Mexican Arrachera 7 oz juicy Mexican flank steak served with herb spice potato,

refried beans, guacamole, mexican salsa and tortilla. •490

Catch of the day fish of the day pan cooked with chile güerito butter and herbs infused, accompanied by roasted vegetables and house salad. •395





Mushroom margarita stuffed mushrooms with fresh basil, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. • 250

Mexican nachos tortilla chips with cheddar, mozzarella cheese, refried beans topped with Flank steak or chicken and guacamole. • 230

Pintxos land and sea La Mision delicious bites of filete mignon tips, seafood and roasted organic vegetables. • 240

Mini ceviche tostadas ceviche prepared with seasonal day caught fish, octopus or shrimp on mini chips • 270

Garden jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, bacon, green onion, sweet pepper and cilantro. •220

Mini tlacoyos trilogy Spanish style octopus, crab and mushrooms, and gobernador shrimp; each on a mirror of green and red sauces. All over a Mexican traditional flat fried corn dough. •270

Tuna bites Fresh tuna slices rolled up filled with crunchy tortilla sticks and avocado cream, all topped with a ginger sheet, marinated with our special chili oil (not spicy) •290


Aztec soup ancient mexican dish combining tomato, onion and peppers, acompanied with tortilla chips, avocado and fresh cheese and dry chile guajillo on top. •185

Cerritos coastal bisque traditional French recipe with seafood cream broth and clams all locally collected off our coasts. •195


House salad mixed organic lettuce with season vegetables, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and walnut, with a cilantro dressing. •230

Cerritos Cesar’s salad organic leaves of baby roman lettuce, shaved of parmesan cheese, crouton and grilled chicken breast or shrimp. •380

Spinach salad spinach leaves, olives, apple, almond, avocado with mango dressing topped with chicken or shrimp. •380

Grilled kale and seasonal organic vegetables, with spinach, arugula, a touch of fresh mint with a honey balsamic vinaigrette, topped with arrachera (Mexican flank steak). •410




Fillet mignon 7 oz grilled center cut fillet prepared in a rosemary butter and tequila sauce served with roasted seasonal organic vegetables and herb-sprice potatoes. •740

Crab enchiladas handmade jalapeño infused tortillas filled with crab, onion, tomatoes, garlic and poblano pepper all covered by cilantro creamy sauce •490

Al ajillo shrimp fresh shrimp with garlic and chile guajillo finished with cheese cream on top and accompanied with roasted organic vegetables and green dinner salad. •480

Pasta a la poblana fresh handmade pasta served in a creamy poblano pepper sauce topped with grilled chicken breast and parmesan cheese. •440

Chicken Marsala golden pan-fried chicken with organic mushrooms prepared in a Marsala wine sauce with a touch of garlic with handmade pasta •460

Shrimps Linguini fresh handmade linguini local shrimps served in a white wine butter reduction and a touch goat cheese sauce •410

La Mision tuna seared tuna medallion marinated in virgin olive oil and garlic, accompanied with our roasted organic vegetables. •720

Mexican arrachera 7 oz Juicy mexican flank steak served with spiced potatoes, refried beans

guacamole, Mexican salsa and tortillas. •490

Catch of the day risolado fish of the day pan cooked with chile güerito butter and herbs infused, accompanied by roasted vegetables and house salad. •395

Parmesan cheese wheel La Mision style fresh handmade pasta finished in a flaming parmesan wheel next to your table, topped with garlic-butter sautéed shrimps or octopus •790




Banana flambe with controy caramelized sliced banana prepared with orange liquor,

accompanied with homemade ice cream •220

La Misión ice cream handmade, ask for daily flavors •180

Rich chocolate brownie real mexican chocolate brownie with handmade french vanilla ice cream •210

Apple pie traditional homemade with La Mision vanilla ice cream •220

New York cheese cake •220